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Nova câmara de vídeo da Panasonic

Panasonic has announced a new AVCHD camcorder for their professional line, the AG-HMC70. In the tradition of their consumer-to-pro adaptations, the AG-HMC70 is akin to an HDC-SD1 with a shoulder-mounted design and upgraded audio options. It records 1440 x 1080 interlaced AVCHD-encoded video to SD/SDHC cards.
The AG-HMC70 comes equipped with three 1/4-inch CCDs. Though the press release does not specify, this is almost certainly the same chip set as the consumer HDC-SD1 and HDC-DX1, and the pro-line AG-HSC1U. The CCDs in each of those has a gross pixel count of 560,000 (effective pixel count of 520,000). Other key features on the AG-HMC70 include optical image stabilization, a 12x zoom 38.5 – 462mm (35mm equiv.) lens.
While the AVCHD codec has found increasing compatibility with higher-end NLEs like including Final Cut 6.0.1 and EDIUS 4.5, many professionals remain skeptical. AVCHD is a promising format for the future, but does not currently live up to its potential. The codec is spec’d for bit rates up to 24Mbps. The AG-HMC70 is typical of AVCHD camcorders in their current state, in that it only records up to 13Mbps. Other quality settings include 9Mbps and 6Mbps.
On the other hand, the SD/SDHC recording media is wise choice. 16GB cards will become available in November 2007, and the price of smaller capacity cards is consistently falling. A 16GB card can store up to 160 minutes of video at the 13Mbps bit rate. Unlike optical media, memory cards are durable and scratch-resistant; unlike internal disk drives, cards are easily removed and replaced.

Audio features have been significantly increased. The AG-HMC70 includes two XLR Mic/Line jacks, +48V phantom power, a headphone jack, and external dials in the LCD cavity for level control.
Connectivity includes USB 2.0, HD/SD component and composite (BNCs), HDMI, and composite audio jacks. Rather than the joystick interface on the smaller AVCHD camcorders, the AG-HMC70 uses four directional arrows on the left side of the body, located just under the 3-inch LCD.
No price has been set for the AG-HMC70, but it's slated to ship in April 2008. The scaled-down AG-HSC1U retails for $2099.
UPDATE:Panasonic has confirmed that the AG-HMC70 uses the same chip set as the HDC-SD1, HDC-DX1, and AG-HSC1U: three 1/4-inch CCDs with a gross pixel count of 560,000 and an effective pixel count of 520,000. Also, the company stated that it expects to sell the camcorder for less than $2000.
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