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Sony lança 2 novas câmaras HDV pra lisa de desejos do profissionais

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November 15, 2007 – Late yesterday, Sony unveiled two new professional HDV camcorders, the HVR-Z7U ($6,850 MSRP) and the HVR-S270U ($10,500 MSRP). Both models offer interchangeable lenses, and the option to dual-record HDV/DVCAM/DV files to tape and CompactFlash cards (with the additional purchase of memory-recording unit). The camcorders are expected to ship in February 2008.
The new camcorders will feature three 1/3-inch ClearVID CMOS sensors, enhanced by Sony’s “Exmor technology,” which reportedly uses a unique analog-to-digital conversion technique for reduced noise and improved low light performance. By comparison, the HVR-Z1U employs three 1/3-inch CCDs, and the HVR-V1U uses three smaller 1/4-inch ClearVID CMOS chips.
Other key features shared between the HVR-Z7U and the HVR-S270U include a 12x zoom, optical image stabilization, a 1/3-inch bayonet mount for additional lenses. They also offers an adapter for the use of Sony’s α –series of SLR cameras. Recording modes include native progressive 1080p, 24p, 30p in HDV recording, as well as 1080i. The camcorders can automatically down-convert from HD to SD through FireWire or SD outputs.
There are some key differences between models that (at least partially) justifies the near-$4000 price gap. The lower-priced HVR-Z7U is a smaller body, and not shoulder-mounted. As such, the EVF is located on the rear of the body. The HVR-Z7U includes an HDMI output for full-HD digital display.
The HVR-S270U has a much larger, shoulder-mounted body, leaving room for more external controls. The left side features a monochrome LCD display of recording time, audio levels, and battery life. In addition to MiniDV cassettes, the HVR-S270U accepts standard-size cassettes, extending recording time from 63 minutes to 4.5 hours. While the HVR-S270U has no HDMI, it does offer the more pro-friendly SD/HD-SDI connection, supporting embedded audio and timecode.
The new camcorders are expected to start shipping in February. The HVR-Z7U retails for $6,850 and the HVR-S270U retails for $10,500.

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